A Moment I Will Cherish

A Moment To Cherish

On Saturday I lost the man who raised me, a father who was also a friend. A man who dedicated his life to his family and to his community. A man who warmed the hearts of those he met. A man who embraced life. A man who shall always be remembered. A man whose life we will celebrate. To us he was baba, dad and daddy, to his grand-children he was papou, to his great-grand-children he was papouli, to his friends he was file (friend) and Kirie Yiannis ❤

A moment I will treasure foreverThis moment is one that I will cherish forever; my father reaching for my hand the day before he passed away.

He is now reunited with my beautiful mother ❤

Memory Eternal John Desyllas
1927 to 2017

For those who have my book Greek Life, the photo of my dashing father sitting on a bench can be found on page 22. This photograph was taken at Elder Park in Adelaide, the day after he arrived in Australia; a man filled with hopes and dreams. Circa early1956.

Many of my readers have reached out to me sending their condolences, and letting me know that they have re-read the chapter on the Story of Family and New Beginnings, providing a renewed inspiration from my parents incredible story.

My heart has a place that belonged to my father, and his memory shall always be eternal. I take comfort in the meaningful and fun relationship we enjoyed, for his guidance, sense of humour, lessons shared, and how he exemplified a dignified life through actions that represented his core values. My life is richer for having a father like mine, my children’s lives are richer for having a grandfather who was active in their lives. He will live on forever in our hearts and in our memories.

Eugenia xx

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Greek Life and Boston, USA

Greek Life and Boston, USA

Welcome to GL!

Last month, Greek Life was featured in an online newspaper in the City of Boston, Massachusetts. I was so happy to see the publication, and truly sometimes I simply feel amazed by the support that I’ve received to date.

What you need to know NOW about Greek LifeFor the lovely people in Boston and beyond, If you would like to join the celebration that is Greek Life, than please visit my website where you can find links to the softcover version of Greek Life that celebrates family, culture, and food.

Within its pages, you will find mouthwatering recipes for the food prepared when observing cultural traditions, delicious and nutritious Lenten food, seafood, meat, and celebration foods, interwoven with thought inspiring philosophy, and beautiful full colour photography that takes readers on an intimate journey through the Greek way of life.

Greek Life is like no other cookbook. It is filled with cultural traditions and explains the when, why, and how of observing the timeless and meaningful Greek traditions. Be transported by the story of family as it unfolds, and be inspired by the Mediterranean Diet/Lifestyle and the healthy way of eating that is respected the world over as the most desirable and beneficial way of eating and enjoying life.



The Meditteranean Diet, image property of Eugenia Pantahos. Copright. Not to be used under any circumstances.

Eating the Greek way!

The Mediterranean Diet is more than food, it is a lifestyle that encompasses socialising, working, incidental exercise through gardening and dancing, enjoying coffee, oh and a few glasses of wine, eating seasonally, having very little dairy, enjoying seafood, but having limited meat.

It is mostly a vegetarian and vegan way of life especially when observing times of Lent and fasting.

Of course there are times that are celebrated throughout the calendar year, and we all know what that looks like! A Greek Feast, is like no other. Tables set with the most colourful assortment of food usually dressed in olive oil, lemon juice and oregano (or other homegrown herb) , aromatically prepared and slow cooked meats, mouthwatering sweets, wine, the elixir of the gods, and lots of kefi!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your copies of Greek Life at Amazon now and join the celebration that is called Greek Life!

Eugenia xx


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Greek Life and Hill Street Grocer

Greek Life and Hill Street Grocer

I’m just feeling so thrilled. Truly, I am!

Greek Life has moved into new states, and the latest one to be added is Tasmania. The lovely people of Hobart can now get their hands on Greek Life. It’s a beautiful and meaningful book for anyone for whom Greek culture means something; the foodies, the travelers, the cooks, the coffee table book lovers, and of course those who simply love all things Hellenic.

What you need to know NOW about Greek LifeWithin its pages you will be taken on a journey of discovery as the story of family unfolds and then continues with the beautiful and unique traditions, culture, and of course the mouthwatering food prepared when observing these cultural traditions. Your mind will be stimulated with thought inspiring philosophy (a little mind food), and the photography will transport you to some intimate and unforgettable experience within your heart and soul.

Greek Life has been acclaimed as the highest quality book on Greek culture by many of my readers. It sits proudly in homes in Australia and beyond in all corners of the globe.  It is more than a cookbook, it is an anthology that brings to life the stories around  recipes and why its so important to preserve them.

Tasmanians, I know that you will love Greek Life as much as your counterparts do in this beautiful country we call home. Be inspired by what my readers are sharing with me. Join the celebration that is Greek Life.

Now in limited supply, this hardcover book is a beautiful gift for the special people in your life.

You won’t want to miss out, so now’s the time to visit the Hill Street Grocer in Hobart, to get your copies.  Local is the new black!

Eugenia xx

Greek Life available now at Hill Street Home, Hobart, TasmaniaHill Street Grocer where you can buy Greek Life by Eugenia Pantahos


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Taste of Greece Dinner

Taste of Greece Dinner – The Blue Zones – 17 May 2016

An amazing bunch of people joined in the celebration of the Greek Lifestyle at the Taste of Greece Dinner with guest speaker Dr Evangeline Mantzioris discussing the Blue Zones and in particular why the people from the island of Ikaria enjoy health and longevity. Basically its where people Taste of Greece Dinnerforget to die! Here’s a link to an article that pretty well sums it up!

tog dinnerThese long-table dinners for up to 25 people allows for shared learning over amazing Greek food starting with dips and pita bread, spanakopita, saganaki cheese, local pan fried calamari, melt in your mouth souvlaki, and a glass  of either white or red Greek wine, loukoumades for dessert, followed by tea or coffee, and of course great company. I’m more than happy to discuss catering for vegans and vegetarians too!

The dinners are interactive with much discussion and sharing of knowledge and ideas, whilst exploring meaningful themes, and infused with lots of laughter and fun!

I’ve been told recently, that my Taste of Greece dinners are now referred to as the ‘new blue zone’ – a place for social interaction, learning, fun, food, wine, laughter, connections and meaningfulness. Such a compliment!

As part of my personal philosophy of giving back, each guest went home with a gift bag and a lucky lady won an amazing $100 luxury hair voucher that was generously donated by my beautiful friends at Yots Hair, King William Road, Hyde Park, and a lucky gent won an amazing bottle of Coriole wine.

Be sure to connect with me at jeanie.pantahos@bigpond.com and be the first to be in the know about future events. You won’t want to miss out!

Oh, and by the way, there are plans to take the Taste of Greece dinners nationally. So if you have any ideas about a great venue, be sure to email me.

GL xx

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Christmas with Culture


I’m so proud to have 4 generations of my family and my book Greek Life (family, culture, food) featured in the iconic December/January holiday edition of SA Life Magazine. This gorgeous stylised photo was sent to me from The Stylist Loves.  Isn’t it just amazing?

SA Life open pages


The pièce de résistance at our Christmas table is the Avgolemono Soup. Although we celebrate Christmas in Summer, our family traditions has always meant that we start our lunch with this thick and creamy egg and lemon soup prepared with a combination of chicken and turkey stock. Hosting Christmas is always a large event for our family as we share our Christmas table(s) with anywhere between 35 and 50+ people! A true ‘act of love’!



Be sure to get your copies of Greek Life as a gift for yourself and your loved ones. This unique and timeless cultural Greek cookbook is  a true celebration of the Greek way of life, the Mediterranean Lifestyle, meaningfulness and connectedness, and supported by thought provoking philosophy and beautiful full colour photography.

See stockists at greeklifestyle.com.au If you don’t have stockist nearby then order at my online shop. For the month of December I’m surprising my online customers with a small gift from me!

GL xox

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Celebration – Taste of Greece Dinner


TOG DinnerMy Taste of Greece Dinner was a HUGE success. Here’s a collage of the beautiful table setting that the creative team at the Greek on Halifax surprised me with, complete with freshly cut basil. The food was amazing and the Greek wines divine. Thank you to all who attended and helped to make this such a memorable event. I hope that you are all enjoying your copies of Greek Life and all the goodies in your take home bags kindly provided by my wonderful sponsors – Kosmea, Greek Pastries and Delicacies, Nature’s Cuppa, and Foodland Norwood. Oh and I hope you love my specially designed book marks complete with a beautiful black ribbon….and that you take advantage of the special offer!

GL x

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Taste of Greece Dinner


TOGI’ve had an overwhelming response to my Taste of Greece Dinner….and that means we are ‘sold out’!

Thanks to all those who have booked and secured their places at the table. I very much look forward to catching up over a glass of wine, some amazing food and lots of stories. Thanks for connecting 🙂



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Easter Biscuits – Koulourakia


Welcome to Greek Lifestyle!

As we approach Easter Sunday, now is the time to dust off your cookbooks and prepare to make the all time favourite Easter biscuits known as koulourakia.  Traditionally these are baked on Easter Thursday or Easter Saturday. Here’s one of my favourite recipes:



½ block of unsalted butter, at room temperature

1 cup caster sugar

3½ cups plain flour

Pinch of salt

1 teaspoon baking powder

3 eggs

1 teaspoon pure vanilla essence

1/3 cup milk or orange juice

Grated orange rind (optional)

Egg glaze  

2 egg yolks

2 tablespoons milk

Place the egg glaze ingredients into a small bowl and whisk together with a fork. Using a small pastry brush, glaze the koulourakia before baking.


Preheat oven to 190 degrees.

Warm the butter and add to the sifted ingredients.

Knead until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs.

Add the beaten egg, vanilla and continue kneading.

Add milk and extra flour if required, and knead until smooth.

Break off pieces the size of small walnuts and roll out using your hands. Create traditional patterns of twists and coils.

Glaze koulourakia with the egg yolk mixture before baking.

Bake in a moderate oven for 15-20 minutes.  Cool on wire rack.

Happy Baking!!!

GL xx

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Palm Sunday


Welcome to Greek Lifestyle!

Today we celebrate Palm Sunday which commemorates the entry of Jesus into Jereusalem.  The church is decorated with palm fronds and daphne, and  at the end of the service the priest hands out cuttings of daphne and intricately woven crosses made from palm fronds for the faithful to take home.

Although Palm Sunday which is a Feast Day  falls during lent, it is permissible to eat fish. Traditionally Greeks celebrate with a lunch consisting of bakalarios (cod) and skordalia (garlic and potato puree) to celebrate this important day.


palm sunday


The official greeting is now Kali Anastasi, which translates to a good resurrection.

I will be preparing Koulourakia on Thursday and Tsoureki and Red Dyed Eggs on Saturday.

Good luck with your Easter preparations this week. I would love for you to share your special Greek recipes and traditions.

May we all have a happy Easter!

GL xx

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Apokreas – Carnivale – Masquerade

Welcome to Greek Lifestyle!

In preparation for Easter, I’m including the list of important dates to help with our spiritual growth during this time.


Apokreas literally  translates to saying ‘goodbye to meat’.  Celebrations will occur in the week preceding Clean Monday as families and friends gather for a final feast before observing  the Great Lent.

Fish may be eaten on the 25th of March being the Annunciation of Theotokos and again on Palm Sunday which falls on 13 April.

Because we all live busy lives, some people choose to observe the fasting period during Holy week, or just on Good Friday. It matters not, as health, wellbeing and work situations need to be also considered. It is a personal choice.

Please share your experiences and or fasting recipes with us here at Greek Lifestyle.

Kales Apokeas!

GL x

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