Any Given Thursday


Any Given Thursday is a memoir about a beautiful friendship.

It’s a story of a woman with a beautiful heart, a generous spirit, a diagnosis, and a battle that would become insurmountable. It’s a book about life and love, about dedication, about facilitating a journey, and the inevitable surrender. It’s about making a difference, showing up, having courage, and always remembering.

Autographed copies available from me $25 including postage

Part proceeds will be donated to causes close to my heart.

Softcover at Amazon Australia available here.

The eBook for Tablet, Phone and Kindle is now available here.

Softcover available at Amazon for those living in the US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, and Canada. here.


“I managed to read ‘Any given Thursday’ on a wintry day. Couldn’t put it down!! Thank you for allowing us into your personal and family life. Such a truly inspirational memoir of friendship.” – Emerald

“I just finished reading ‘Any Given Thursday’ and wanted tot hank you for sharing such a beautiful and personal story. I was personally touched by your expressiveness and connection to your beautiful friend as well as they way you’ve highlighted the importance of family and traditions! I have no doubt in my mind that AK is looking upon you with a smile every day for the beautiful family you have raised and the gifts that you have bestowed on all of us around you.” – E McD

“I loved the fine balance between getting to know you and your friend through regular events and getting to see how you handle all the difficult conversations and decisions regarding cancer. I also love the fact that the book offers hope and strength and I believe a big part of that is because of the focus on the strength of your friendship rather than the fear of cancer. Personally, I felt the love more than the fear and that was beautiful!” – A.L

“I was captivated by the title: Any Given Thursday. As I read the book, it took on a life of its own. The fact that it was written like a journal, I felt privy to be part of your journey and your friendship. I got to relive the events as they unfolded, witnessing day-to-day activities………. I felt the laughter and the tears. I enjoyed the fact that the book took us along on family gatherings; we even knew what menu was served on some occasions. I got to know that she liked chocolate and she collected tins. I experienced her as a mother, a Godmother, a wife, a friend…….. I knew that AK worked part time and had Thursday afternoons off, and on any given Thursday she dropped by after work to visit, or share a cup of coffee. I also learned that chemotherapy sessions started on a late November Thursday. But more than that, with each detail I was engaged with the essence of her as a person and the way she lived her life. It was heart-warming journey and a sacred tribute to friendship and love.” – Anna