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Eugenia has taken me back to my childhood when recipes, celebrations and traditions were a huge part of my upbringing. I’ve enjoyed the stories of family, food and culture and the detail that has gone into a year of celebrations. My children now have a copy of this special book to refer to and enjoy. My mother’s koulourakia recipe is a favourite with my daughter and compares very much with Eugenia’s.  Well deserved awards recipient! – Emerald

‘Just love everything about your book! It is inspirational. I will take it again on my next trip to Greece’. – Michelle

‘Best book – I bought this as a present to myself. – Anon

‘Love [copy] of my book’ – Margaret

‘A wonderful book with recipes and explanations about our Greek heritage and traditions. Love it!!!’- Katina

‘Wow! Congratulations and how exciting!. You’ve really made it [GL winning a Gourmand International Cookbook Award]. Would love to go ahead before they’re all gone’. – Nancy, USA

‘This book is FABULOUS! If you haven’t gotten yourself one yet…get two you’ll want to share this! Need to get you to the USA. Mission for 2018!’ – Nancy B

‘Thank you Eugenia for sharing your journey of how your amazing book came to publication. You are an inspirational and beautiful lady…….’ – Christal

‘My sister received Eugenia’s beautiful Greek Life book from a dear friend for Xmas. I have fallen in love with the book – so much so that I would like to share it with my family and friends’. –Litsa

‘This is an amazing book!!! I love mine! Highly recommended!’ – Katerina G

‘It’s a cookbook and so much more! Love the book! Bravo Eugenia!’ – Voula T

‘Well done my lovely. I love your book!’ – Michelle H

‘A massive well done! I’m so excited for my copy to arrive!’ – Tina K

Just one of the wonderful responses to the news that Greek Life won 2 Gourmand Awards for Australia: ‘What absolutely terrific news …it’s almost like knowing royalty…Mea Culpa ….. Correct that…..Its actually better than that.  This is a real person’s achievements …..Jeanie Pantahos is her name. Well done and well deserved.   Not only that, your mastery of marketing the Greek Life and giving second and third generations, to say nothing of those who know nothing tangible of Greek customs, a convenient and easy to understand synopsis of how great it is to be Greek and proud of it. Thanks for sharing good news. We seem to only hear bad news so this is a wonderful change’. – Michael

‘I received your beautiful books today.  One is a Christmas gift and the other is my Christmas present to myself.  It is like a treasure chest filled with wonderful insights, traditions, recipes and so much more. Thank you also for the very thoughtful and yummy slab of chocolate and the lovely Christmas tree decoration. It will now become a staple on my family tree’. – GIllian T

‘Had a little look through the book, ‘beautiful’ μπράβο σου (bravo). Going to a 50th tomorrow and I thought it would be a nice gift.  I think my god sister would appreciate it’. – Nikolaos K.

It’s more than just a cookbook! I love this book so much, as part of the young Greek-Australian generation I’ve relied on it many times to learn the significance of our traditions – especially with my wedding coming up it’s been lovely reading about the importance of events such as the krevati – so just wanted to say thank you!! – Anita L. from Perth

‘Thank you for sharing this glorious book with us all at Oakleigh Library. I have read every page and felt the love you put into every single page. Your unique book highlighting your family’s history and sharing our Greek traditions with us all in great detail. I was very moved. I brought into work today so I can show my co-workers your work of art. They were very impressed by your attention to detail to all things Greek. Some book orders are heading your way. Thank you for sharing your gift with us’. – Mary D.

‘Thank you again Jeanie for posting the book and also for the yum chocolate block. You are too kind 😊. I cannot wait to inscribe a message to each of my daughters to give to them when they are older to cherish and continue the Greek traditions’. – Mary W.

I hope you have enjoyed your time in Melbourne, despite the fairly cold weather. It was lovely to meet you yesterday at Oakleigh library. Thank you so much for incorporating so much about our enriching Orthodox faith and culture into your book. The photography (styling and choice of photos) is quite stunning. All the very best!’ –  Maria and Peter

‘Yes, it is a book you think about often. You’ve obviously put your heart and soul into it, Jeanie’. – Linda K.

‘Can’t wait for mine to arrive!’ – Gillian T

‘Great morning (Oakleigh Library), really lovely to hear about your Greek Life journey. Pleasure to have met you too. Wish you continued success Eugenia’. – Mary

‘I just want to thank you for your lovely book “Greek Life” that was given to me . This morning, a beautiful sunny Sunday, I made myself a coffee and sat down to read your book. I am only on page 30 but have had a few tears roll down my face. I can so relate to the story of your family and their decision to emigrate from Greece to a new homeland far away. The difference is my father chose Canada. I look forward to meeting you in person one day! – Helene

‘Five stars! Great book!’ – Mike

‘I love your book! Read it from beginning to end. My sister-in-law bought two copies!’ – Margaret

‘Excellent book and explanations’. – Anon

‘Yep we have a copy of this fabulous book, it’s brilliant and very well put together with accurate info of Greek culture and amazing photos. It should be in everyone’s collection. Well done Jeanie. We are proud to see this world class book produced in Adelaide’. – Nick L

Γεια σου Jeanie. We are well familiar with your impressive book……and….recognize the extraordinary work that has gone into producing this very high quality publication which is so representative of the finer aspects of Hellenic life’.

‘My sister in law, Helen Sidoryn, has given me a copy of your wonderful book ‘Greek Life’ and I have enjoyed every page. Congratulations! Thank you again for your wonderful book, so moving and interesting, as well as all the recipes. It reminds me of my own Russian heritage and all the cooking I did with my Mum when she was still alive, especially all the baking for our Russian Orthodox Easters!’ – Nina Waters

‘I can’t stop thinking about your book’ – Tina

‘Congratulations to Jeanie Pantahos on the publication of her book “Greek Life”. A book that brings together Greek culture, recipes and traditions. We hope to have you present the book at  a book launch when you are in Melbourne next. The book is already available nationally. Well done Jeanie! – Olympian Society

‘Have started reading your book. Totally inspirational!!! – Therese

‘I thought you would like some photos from this afternoon. My friend Georgia and I had a lovely time listening to your experiences and memories of growing up. Thank you for putting it in a book. All the best!’  – Effie

‘Just arrived back from Melbourne and your parcel was at my front door. Thank you for the chocolate…a nice touch! I can’t wait to get into your book but have to say I am unpacking and already flicking through the pages and relating to all this! Thank you once again. – Nicky M

‘Your book is beautiful once again. I am actually going to sit down with it……. tonight. Oh! And thanks for the delicious chocolate’. – Peggy V

‘Great night last night at the Hellenic Club! Well done! My girls loved your book!’ – Chris

‘Congratulations! You deserve the best!’ – Dinos Grous

‘My cookbook just came from Amazon. Love it!!! Congratulations on a such a successful endeavour!’ – Vickie

‘Everyone should have a copy of this beautiful book filled with Greek traditions and culture to be passed on for generations to come!! Gorgeous coffee table book and even better recipe book!! Love it and it sits proudly on mine thanks Eugenia!! Great for Greek and non-Greek homes to enjoy!’ – Denise

‘I was delighted to meet you at the dinner at The Greek on Tuesday evening.
I have been looking for another copy of your truly inspiring book, Greek Life.
My younger son married a wonderful Greek young woman. I knew little about the Greek culture, and I found the marriage ceremony very moving and full of rituals that I did not understand. The chanting, icons and robes were fascinating. How I wish I had read your book before that memorable day. This year my two little grandsons were Baptised in Sydney, fortunately my Greek friend Georgia, encouraged me to read your book. It made such a difference to my understanding of a wonderful day. The importance of God Fathers, the prayers and rituals and that wonderful chanting made me determined to learn more of the culture that we have found ourselves connected to through our grandsons. We are not a religious family but I can appreciate the spiritual essence of church ceremonies.I cannot neglect to mention the traditional recipes for some wonderful celebratory foods that I have enjoyed. I will enjoy trying to cook some of the recipes you have provided in your book. I love the photographs, the way you write and the comprehensive nature of your book. This book is a must for every non Greek Australian especially if they are from another culture, or if they have Greek heritage and they have become disconnected’. – Rosie

‘I had the pleasure of attending a book reading and meeting the lovely Author of Greek Life , Eugenia Pantahos. I sat listening to her stories of life growing up in a Greek household in the Diaspora, and it hit me now profoundly linked and similar our lives and experiences are.

For a Greek family cooking , and eating with others is a huge part of our culture and heritage. It is also Linked to our sense of Philotimo.

Philotimo is a Greek word that is without definition, but impacts the world beyond imagination. The word philotimo comes from the Greek root words “filos,” meaning friend, and “timi,” meaning honor. When Greeks have food , there is life and kefi , what we have in our homes is always on offer to others , no matter how much or how little we have.

Greek Life began as an idea to collaborate into some sort of book format Eugenia’s recipes , and those of her mother. Something to pass onto her three daughters , as well as other family members.

With that idea she formed a beautiful collection of recipes , marking every occassion in the Greek Calendar. Honouring every tradition of the rich Hellenic Culture . Something I for one value greatly and I know future generations will benefit from her explanations , simple recipes and stunning photographs !

Each section of the book starts with a philosophy & makes reference to that seasons celebrations. Each recipe has its own ‘life ‘ and explanation , so you as a reader can understand and appreciate the Greek traditions and customs behind the celebration.

You will find everything from ‘Wedding Bread ‘ to ‘koliva’ in this book , and even references to certain plants and greens we find in our gardens that are used in our cooking and salads.

With Greeks as we know , we don’t really care what you do , but rather ‘ where are you from ?’ . I was curious given I recognised Eugenia’s surname as my mothers relatives from her village. I finally mustered up the courage to put my hand up asking a question that led to where her in laws descended from , and it was indeed my Mothers village ! I so love this connection with Greeks. Greek Life is so much more than a cookbook, given so much of Eugenia’s life and family are intertwined with it. It is also a wonderful reference for Greek Customs and way of life. It sits proudly on my coffee table , thank you Eugenia for writing such a beautiful Anthology for us to pass on to our children‘. – Eleni Tsemtsidis

‘I have just finished reading the Greek Life. I wanted to let you know I enjoyed it immensely, and plan to keep it close as a reference book for all things Greek! It brought back many memories of my childhood and especially my mother who sounds so much like your Mum. I’ve told my 2 young adult daughters its a ‘must’ for  Greek- Australian women! Thank you for sharing your family life and reminding me of how lucky I am to be part of such a beautiful and rich culture’. – Maria Mihailidis, Sydney

‘We have been fortunate to have been one of the first book stores to stock Jeanie’s book Greek Life. It began when Jeanie, one of our regular, treasured customers mentioned to one of our staff that she was in the process of writing a book. When it was completed Jeannie brought in a copy to show me, and I was immediately impressed by the quality of production……..  We were lucky enough to have her here to sign copies in late May, when she brought some samples of her Greek cooking to share. Many customers who have bought her book have given very positive feedback, and come back to buy more as gifts for friends and family members…… Greek Life a beautiful, classy publication’. – Cathie, Dymocks, Burnside

‘May you always be well to continue your gift of writing and telling the stories of our past generations and affirming our culture and traditions’ – Anastasia P
‘I made Moustalevria from your book and my family loved it.  Thank you for sharing your recipes !! Love the book’. – Betty

‘Congratulations on a grand effort. I used you Vasilopita recipe  (Easy New Year Cake ) and it was a great success with my family. I am sure I will be using many more recipes in the future. I also enjoy reading information on the Greek way of life in your book which reminds me so much of growing up in Perth in an environment full of Greek culture. customs and traditions. – Helen, Perth

‘Thank you for supplying us with Greek Life.  As you have been an avid promoter of your well presented book, we have had new customers visiting the store to purchase, often returning to buy copies for friends and relatives. It’s unique, niche content sets it aside from other cook books….’. – Sue, Booked North Adelaide

‘I’m loving the book, and am making a soup from the recipes for my Greek friend this weekend. Learning lots that I didn’t know about Greek culture’. – Ruth

‘Your book Greek Life has been a great and amazing book to have in our store. The reason as to why it is such a great book is because you have written about our culture, traditions , the importance of celebrations and the reasons as to why we celebrate things the way we do. It’s superb that you have also included recipes that correspond to : Baptism, Christmas, Easter, Weddings, Engagement, Funerals etc. I have LOVED being able to be a seller and supplier of your book and would love to be able to stock the same book in my store again. Apart from the book being such a success, you Jeanie are an amazing and lovely person to deal with. Thanks you for the opportunity to sell your book “Greek Life” . – Evie Caras

‘Hi! My Aunty (Annette) got me your book for Christmas and I just love it so much! So beautiful ….will enjoy reading it and learning to cook from my heritage! Thankyou 🙂 – Hannah

‘I purchased your book ‘Greek Life’….and wanted to congratulate you on a fantastic publication. I think it is one of the greatest purchases I’ve made and I have gained a better understanding of the Greek culture from it. ….. so having this book will be a great reference. ..’. – Eleni

‘Everyone I gave a copy to for Christmas is loving it.’ – Spitz Demetriou

‘Your book is absolutely gorgeous and my mother and I have enjoyed reading it and reminiscing on all the traditional recipes and customs. I felt particularly nostalgic when I saw the recipe for Moustalevria, which my late grandmother used to make and I haven’t thought about in years. It’s a beautiful book and I will keep it in mind to buy as gifts’. – Aleena

‘Well done!!! Fabulous book and one you and your family will be very proud of for many years!!!’ – George Kasimatis

‘I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and I am keen to try some of the recipes. It is a truly beautiful book with wonderful attention to details. I will certainly be recommending it to my friends! I will be delighted to include your book in the newsletter. – Teresa Cimmino – Deputy Principal, SMC

‘Your book is amazing and I have already told another four people about it who will be buying it….!’ – Theodora Maios, Journalist, Radio Ena

‘Thanks I love it! ….I wanted to capture “Greek Life” for my daughter so she can embrace her Greek Culture. It is great to have the philosophy and history included in your book…..I look forward to reading the book in more depth tonight’  – Lisa Jolly

‘…lots of staff and families have your beautiful book including myself. My son in Cambridge and his English girlfriend love it and my beautiful Italian sisterinlaw’. – Gina

‘I enjoyed the book launch at the West Torrens Library. I loved the talk on Food and Nutrition and its application to the Greek Diet. I have just sent your book to my godmother in Sydney for Christmas. Look forward to the Taste of Greek Dinner in February. Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas and a joyful and healthy New Year.’ – Paul

I’ve discovered your book. You’ve done us all a favour! Nice work. I am gifting your book to my daughter and her Spanish fiancé on their wedding this January! 🙂 (Every Greek wedding should have one!) – Christos Iliopoulos

‘So excited to meet this amazing and inspirational woman today who has written a book on Greek culture, traditions and simply the best Greek recipes! The book is written in English so nobody misses out around the world and is available in selected bookstores in Australia. It’s a beautiful life when it’s……- Greek Life -…..Thank you for making us all so proud!’ – Theodora Maios, Journalist, Radio Ena, and Inspire.Me

‘Congrats on your book!’ – Anthony Papadopoulos, Esq. (Supreme President), Panelian Federation of USA & Canada.

‘Excellent book absolutely gorgeous!’ – Peter Kakkoufas

‘It was so lovely to meet you today.

‘Nothing better than a home made pudding. Especially this Galatopita – a baked semolina and milk pudding. Delicious. Recipe from Greek Living. Thank you. I love your book! – Robert Vesty sous chef, Press Club

‘I’ve bought two more books as gifts! Leon Keramaris

‘Today I purchased this beautifully written book. I have found everything traditionally Greek in it and would for my grandson to learn about the way we, our parents, and grandparents grew up; our food, our beliefs, our culture….all the Greek ways and recipes are in here for you to refresh your memory and learn more, just as I have today.  I was looking for the recipe for sweetened quince today….and yes, it’s in here! Yay!. – Mary

‘Greek Life by Eugenia Pantahos is a beautiful book about family, culture and food’ – George from Georges on Waymouth

‘My daughter-in-law in Perth loves your book and has not stopped raving about it. We made 3 different meals and 5 lots of kourabiedes. They were scrumptious! – Michael Taliangis

‘ I bought your book in Melbourne. Well done and I must commend you on producing such a great book – it really covers all aspects and there is nothing else like it before. It is fantastic for the generation who are of Greek background born here in Australia but who still want to
maintain the traditions and pass onto our own children. This is a gift to the diaspora here in Australia so you have really contributed to that. – Leon Keramaris

‘Thank you for your beautiful words and beautiful book of our Greek culture, truly a wonderful addition to out household that will be passed on to generations.’ – Eula Chrisahoou

‘I have told my daughter all about you. She is excited to see your book. – John Toomey

‘A must buy!!!’ – Greek Australia Pride

‘Such a wonderful and inspiring moment for me today, meeting lovely Adelaide author Jeanie Pantahos. Her new book Greek Life is gracefully & lovingly written, with traditional Greek recipes – sure to warm your hearts. As passionate as myself, keeping our Greek heritage alive – keeping the stories of our parents and grandparents alive!’ – Doris Falidis Nickolas

‘Thrilled to have met you at your book signing on the weekend.  Thank you, your book is a delight and by the Grace of God may it continue to be well received’.- Josephine

‘I must say, however, that your book is absolutely gorgeous and my mother and I have enjoyed reading it and reminiscing on all the traditional recipes and customs. I felt particularly nostalgic when I saw the recipe for Moustalevria, which my late grandmother used to make and I haven’t thought about in years. It’s a beautiful book and I will keep it in mind to buy as a gift in future’. – Aleena Glentis

‘I greatly enjoyed looking through your cook book with a difference…… well done! It was shown me by an another ex Adelaide friend of mine who also lives in Sydney’. – Jim K.

‘You’ve done an amazing job, Eugenia! I love the Philosophy pages of the book – so much wisdom passed down to the world from our culture. I can feel the love you have for your Greek heritage that so many of us can only feel’ – Linda

‘I have bought the book from Dymocks and it is fantastic. More than a cookbook it is s wonderful anthology of greek customs way of life. Highly recommend for all 2 and 3 generation greeks as a reference guide’ – Phyllis

‘Beautiful – cultural and social history – exquisite – tenderly and sensitively written – quality – tactile – a joy to hold’ – Charmaine. Mostly Books

Had a flick through it. It’s such a brilliant piece of work! Congratulations. You have an amazing gift! – Nick Apostolou

‘ Absolutely love the book !! I enjoy reading it and my daughter loves it as well thank you ! Betty

‘Greek Life is a didactic book that explains so much about Greek culture’ – Mary

‘I love the way you have explained things….we love it, our children love it!’ Eleni

‘This book belongs to us all….we can all relate’ – Polly Arabatzis

‘A huge thank you Eugenia. My wife and I were up late with your book. We both love it.’ – Paulie

I love the book Eugenia – greetings from Sydney!’ – Billy Kokkinidis

‘Have loved reading your book…..thank you so much!’ – Anne

‘Thank you for a fantastic book that explains all the Greek culture and more….thoroughly enjoying reading it’ – Mary

‘Eugenia Pantahos has produced a beautifully photographed cook book that also enlightens you about customs and traditions that form a historical account of Greek cultural practices. It is a stunning book that weaves philosophical threads into each chapter. It is a great book to use when you need to know what foods were produced for feast days, the New Year, Births, Baptisms, Death, Mourning and so much more’. – Marilyn Tsolakis

‘Congratulations on your beautiful book. I started looking through it and could not put it down. Have read it from cover to cover and loved learning some of the Greek culture and philosophies. Wonderful photography too – just gorgeous!’ – Judy

‘The books arrived yesterday.  Thank you so much, they are lovely and I may order one more if you have the stock’ – Maria

‘This afternoon I attended a book signing for ‘Greek Life’, a true labour of love for my lovely friend and fellow Adelaidean author, Eugenia Pantahos. The beautifully illustrated hardback is a celebration of the Greek way of life brought alive against the backdrop of her own family’s journey. Classic recipes are interspersed with time-honoured customs, traditions and full page photos. Congratulations, Jeanie, you should be so very proud!’. – Jane Paech

‘ My husband purchased your beautiful book for me and it is divine! It will be treasured in our family….I’m planning on buying two more, one each for our daughters to take to their own homes….; – Ariadne

‘I’ve made the Lenten cake recipe, not once, but twice – my family loved it!’ – Anon

‘Everyone is talking about this book….you should be so proud’ – Vassiliki

‘I purchased my signed copy yesterday….I just wanted to say your book is an absolute treasure, and beautifully done’ – Vicki

‘I’ve made your recipe for loukoumades, and they are best that I’ve ever made’ – Afrosini

‘…..time to sit down with a coffee and read this beautiful book. Congratulations Eugenia on such a wonderful book – perfect for those like me who are Greek by marriage’ – Anon

‘I’ve made many rice puddings, but this recipe is the best’ – Judy

‘I’ve heard great things about your book and my mother would like to purchase 4 copies to give as a Xmas gift to her granddaughters. – Leonie V

I’ve received your gorgeous book this morning…it is such a special book and I am looking forward to reading it thoroughly…’ – Kathy

‘Thank you for this beautiful book…we’ve already made one of the recipes’ – Russell

‘Happy to share information about your book in our next newsletter. It sounds like it fits with our Value of international mindedness’ – Principal, GIHS

‘Great Book!!’ – Georgia

Fantastic book!!! Got one for me and my boyfriend’s mum for Easter. I was up all night …had to finish it before bed.’ – Prue

‘Well what can I say? Your launch was amazing – what I saw before me is a beautiful, warm, intelligent lady who gave such a touching speech…. After the launch I went home to have a look at your gorgeous book – I ended up going to bed at midnight! – I could not get enough of your book – I smiled, I cried, and learnt a lot!…..The book is a treasure. You have played such an important role in ensuring the Greek culture stays alive and is celebrated in the community’ – Susan Metaxas

‘… dare you keep me awake until 1.30am addicted to your wonderful book. Thanks for creating it in my lifetime. Congratulations’ – Michael

‘Can’t wait to get my copy’ – Tina

‘Thank you for your phone call today. It was lovely to personally hear from you. I wanted you to know that I am giving one of the books to my first cousin, who was born, and still lives in Geraldton WA. Her mum died at the age of 48, eaving her three children, aged 13, 18 and 23.
My cousins remember their mother’s cooking and they try recipes now and again and they have memories of Greek traditions. I think your book will be treasured’. (edited) – Anastasia P

‘Every now and then you come across a beautifully presented book that represents everything you’ve grown up loving 🙂 GREEK LIFE is just that ! This gorgeous hard covered book invites you to go on an extraordinary journey of Greek customs, traditions, culture and recipes.’ – George

It makes me so happy seeing how many places your beautiful book is sold at. Wishing you all the best success! – Maria

‘My family can’t wait to get their copies!

‘I have already read your book, it’s wonderful! We must catch up in Greece!’ – Damian

‘Love your book – Congratulations!

‘You’re going to love it! The author Eugenia has done an excellent job in compiling her life story which we can all relate to, and our heritage, and the Greek way of life in this brilliant book!’

‘So excited! Received my book today, I have already read up to the Easter chapter! Can’t put it down! Beautiful book! Every Greek mother should buy one for her daughters/s and sons!’

‘Reading your book has bought back so many beautiful memories and tears to my eyes.’

‘A wonderful book…something for us young people to have and keep the traditions up’.

‘Your mother would be so proud!’ –Rita

‘I have received your book and am absolutely in love with it! You have made my job as a mother a lot easier in compiling our similar life stories and explanation of our Greek heritage in one book so my daughters can cherish and pass down to their children!’ – Adriana

‘Australian-born Eugenia Pantahos dispenses with superficial and sentimental views of Greek cuisine and traditions to embrace a more sophisticated and accurate vision of a complex culture….’ – Neos Kosmos Online Newspaper


‘A truly special book that I’m glad to have found. Greek Life is a real joy and answers some of the questions that I’ve had. I’m loving the recipes and images. Thank you Eugenia for bringing it all together :)’

‘….and what a gorgeous book it is!’

‘Greek Life ticks all the boxes! It’s a heartwarming book that commences with the story of family, and then takes us on a journey of celebrating authentic Greek traditions and cooking. It’s a book to be used all year round not just for the delicious recipes but for everything that makes up ‘Greek Life’, even if its just means sitting back and enjoying the beautiful photographs. I highly recommend this book.’

‘Love this book! Everything I’ve wanted to know about Greek culture in one beautifully presented book filled with amazing photographs, and delicious, mouth watering recipes suitable for everyone including vegans and vegetarians. It will be taking pride of place on my coffee table as I sit and ponder the philosophy and plan my next menu.’

‘Such a stunning book! Cannot wait for my hardcopy and to try out the recipes :)’

‘Greek Life is a book that brings the story of family, culture, traditions and recipes all together. I love the introduction and the heartfelt story of Eugenia’s family. The book is sprinkled with some very thought provoking Greek philosophy, authentic recipes, and beautiful yet unique images of Greek food and customs. I’ve been waiting for a book like this.’

‘A beautiful book which pays homage to timeless Greek traditions. It’s easy to get lost in the beautiful photographs, and the recipes are simple and a joy to follow. Every Greek family should own this book. Love it!’

‘A beautifully presented book on Greek customs and culture. I love the photographs, and I’m feeling inspired by the philosophical quotes. Can’t wait to try out the recipes!’

‘I just wanted to say that my friend showed me a copy of your book and it is truly beautiful. I love the way you contextualise each section providing cultural/historical  information around your recipes. Congratulations’. – Marilyn

‘This story is so lovingly shared and the images, so beautifully captured . Well done to Eugenia and thank you for sharing this. Can’t wait to buy a copy of the book next year and proudly display it as the centre piece of my table. I look forward to years of learning from this collection and sharing and passing on the customs, traditions and recipes to my family and friends. The legacy of the lessons learned from proud immigrant parents, can now be shared for generations to come.’

‘The Pantahos’ are a Greek Australian family from Adelaide. Congratulations Eugenia!!! Looking forward to the hard copy (ebook available already) from Albert Park Deli.’