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The theme for the August free downloadable and printable calendar (a gift from me to you) is PASSION. Here’s a little visual inspiration.

Do it with passion, or not at all

Passion gets us excited, it fills our mind with ideas, new realities, wonderful opportunities. It runs through our veins, makes our heart quicken, can make our cheeks flush. So whatever it is that you do, what ever path that you are exploring, remember to do it with passion or not at all!

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July Calendar

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Free downloadable and printable July CalendarIt’s the beginning of the second month of winter, and the beautiful fine weather we have enjoyed has been replaced with grey skies, bare branches, and rain, However, the birds are still chirping as we stay indoors enjoying our gas fire to keep warm.

I do love this time of year. I love the gift of each season, and in winter, I love rugging up with warm coats, scarves, berets, and boots.

It’s a perfect time to enjoy hearty soups and stews, and the abundance of fresh seasonal foods, including our homegrown oranges that we have cut up after a meal, or juiced in the morning with breakfast. Packed with vitamin C, citrus fruits are a great way to ward of winter colds and chills.

Whilst I’m keeping my tootsies warm, I’ve posted a free downloadable and  printable calendar complete with an inspiring quote and a to-do-list!

This calendar is a gift from me to you, and will most certainly add a touch of fabulous to your home or office. I love to put mine onto a stylish clipboard so that I can view the month ahead with just one glance.

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It's always nice to share!