The Benefits of Travel

The Benefits of Travel

I’m feeling the inspiration and creativity that comes from traveling.

When we travel we are open to new experiences, new tastes, new sights, new smells, new rhythms, and to new people. We met many lovely people along the way from a talented French man who was on our train returning home from Venice to France. I simply adored hearing him say “oui madam”!!!

The Benefits of TravellingHe had just finished his engagement as MC and as a performer at Carnevale in Venice. Those closest to me know that I would love to attend Carnevale in Venice and when I learned that our plans in Italy meant we couldn’t attend I felt just that little pang of sadness. But the universe brought Carnevale to me, and I experienced it through his amazing photos and stories. The colours, the costumes, and the make up that took more than two hours to apply, allowed the experience to unfold right before my eyes. Such a gift.

“To travel is to take a journey into yourself” – Danny Kaye.

Then we met a wonderful, gorgeous Italian taxi driver with a beautiful presence, sparkling blue eyes and heartwarming smile. He is also a model (with dignity), is moving into his new home and is now working on decorating and styling plans with his interior designer.

We were so impressed with this young (33 year old) man that we engaged his services for three more taxi trips. In conversation he told us his birthday was coming up and it just happened to coincide with mine! That’s the third person to come into my life who celebrates on the 26th.

What surprised me the most is that he messaged my husband all the way from Italy to wish me a happy birthday!!!

Travel expands our thoughts, our relationships and makes one realise that we have more in common than we do differences. Finally, in the words of Mark Twain….

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness”.


Love to you all

Eugenia xx

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The Beautiful City of Adelaide

Guest Contributor for Vanilla Magazine

Adelaide - A vibrant cultural city with an amazing lifestlye! By Eugenia Pantahos

My Adelaide by Eugenia Pantahos

The Winter 2016 edition of Vanilla Magazine is out now, and I’ve had the pleasure of being a guest contributor by writing an article about my home city of Adelaide.

You’ll find my personal favorite places to visit together with valuable ‘inside information’ on making the most of your visit to our beautiful city.

Be inspired by the classic architecture, tempt your taste buds at some of the best eateries, whet your palate with sumptuous wines, immerse yourself in the amazing events and festivals, and soak up the wonderful Mediterranean climate that Adelaide is so well know for. Take a dip at our amazing beaches, soak up the sun, meander your way through the city or over the rolling vineyards. You’ll feel refreshed, renewed, and revitalised. Read the full article from pages 100-103 by opening the link below.

I do hope that you enjoy what I’ve put together!

Article by Eugenia Pantahos – Vanilla Magazine Issue 19

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Greece – a dream destination!

Greece is a dream destination filled with history, myths, and legends. Visit only once and you will yearn to return. Your heart will lead your mind to reminisce and relive the wonder of such a vibrant country steeped in rich history. You will remember the generosity and warm heartedness of the people, the taste of ouzo taken with your favourite mezedes, the salt on your skin after bathing, the walks on the pebbled beaches, the amazing sunsets and the unique and inimitable Greek Lifestyle.

Greece is the land of light; a light that imbues a warm glow onto its ancient sites and radiance onto the white washed homes. A shining light igniting thought, illuminating minds, and a beacon for paving the way towards our own modern existence.

Greece invites visitors to explore the antiquities, revel in kefi, partake in the fresh and seasonal cuisine, happen upon festivities and celebrations and all the chaos that ensues when unprepared travellers get caught up in the whirl-wind.

We would love to hear some of your experiences!


GL x

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Welcome to Greek Lifestyle


The Greek Lifestyle Blog is where you will find an abundance of information surrounding Greek customs, traditions, food, travel, history and lifestyle.

It is the perfect place to share, explore, learn and partake in the inimitable Greek way of life.

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