Greek Life Soft Cover


What you need to know NOW about Greek Life

Greek Life – now available as a soft cover. It’s the perfect book to learn about Greek culture and traditions!

Greek Life is a specially prepared trousseau of time-honoured Greek traditions, culture and recipes, lovingly assembled for future generations – to be preserved and not lost, to be embraced and not forgotten, and always to be enjoyed and celebrated.

This unique and inspiring cultural cookbook is considered a feast for the senses with its thought provoking philosophy, traditional recipes and beautiful photography. It will continue to give to generations to come,  and sit proudly at the heart of many families.

Greek Life is now available as a soft cover on Amazon, making it easier for global customers to secure their copies.

Join in the celebration that is Greek Life, tell you family and friends and be sure to place your orders for this unique and inspiring timeless cultural, softcover cookbook.

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Greek Life has that little bit of me in it as it encompasses my three guiding principles; meraki, philotimo and kefi.

Meraki – doing something with creativity, soul, or love. It’s about passion that is evident in the result.

Philotimo – encompasses the concept of pride in self, family, and community. It extends beyond one’s self, and gives meaning, and impacts the world beyond imagination.

Kefi – encompasses enthusiasm, excitement, exuberance, and high spirits.