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Greek Life is a more than a cookbook. It is a celebration of the Greek way of life, with precious recipes for the food prepared especially for family gatherings, celebrations, memorials, and lent, interwoven with stories of family, and sumptuous Greek food, both savoury and sweet.  The principles of the Mediterranean diet / lifestyle is all brought to life with the richness of full colour photography, and thought inspiring philosophy, taking readers on a journey of discovery.

Greek Life is considered a specially prepared trousseau of time-honoured Greek traditions, culture and recipes, lovingly assembled for future generations – to be preserved and not lost, to be embraced and not forgotten, and always to be enjoyed and celebrated.

In December 2017, Greek Life (family, culture, food) won two categories, one for best MEDITERRANEAN and the other for best SELF-PUBLISHED, in the Gourmand Cookbook Awards national competition in Australia. This is a defining moment in the journey of Greek Life and me, as a first time author.

What you need to know NOW about Greek Life

Greek Life is unique and inspiring, and within its pages Eugenia provides us with a feast for the senses as she allows us to share in her celebration of the delightful and inimitable Greek way of life.

Eugenia also enchants us with the richness of Greek history, lovingly passed down from one family to another, introducing us to traditions, celebrations and classic recipes, both savoury and sweet, that enliven each calendar year, January to December.

Beautifully photographed and written with deep passion, Greek Life is an invaluable reference book.  Readers will be inspired by the beautiful Greek way of life, the sharing of food with family and friends, and how to celebrate life to the fullest, using only the best seasonal produce. Greek Life not only enriches our lives, it imparts, breathes life into and, most importantly, ensures the continuance and handing-on of these authentic and precious Greek traditions.

Greek Life explains the essence of what it means to be Greek, and how to celebrate with the special spirit and joy of life that the Greeks call Kefi.

The collectors edition hardback complete with a dust jacket and black velvet ribbon bookmark has now sold out.

Greek Life is now available as an eBook and as a Soft Cover on my Amazon account.